Poster: "Guide for building your deck battle In Clash Royale"

Here are some beginner-level tips to build a combat deck:

Have a well-balanced deck consisting of units that damage to the soil, the air, and be able to handle on the ground and buildings. Also make sure that you quickly add moving troops, such as the skeleton army and goblins to your deck. They can be very useful, especially when deployed in large numbers. The skeleton army can only really useful when they are used together with a stronger melee character like.

At least two spell cards because they have some serious area can deal damage and can come very handy if you want to launch a direct attack on an enemy tower. You just need to drag and drop a spell card to a tower that you want to destroy. Use it as a tower partially destroyed and has to go a few HP before it crumbles into pieces. Spell cards have stats like "Area Damage", "Tower Damage" and Radius.


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